Monday, February 18, 2008


A glaring gap in the life list finally filled, with excellent views of the Westcliffe Ring billed Gull. The rest of the day was spent on Sheppey, finishing in style when all 35 Marsh harriers, that had made their way accross the marsh from the RSPB reserve, took to the air together... a fantastic site. Aswell as the Marsh Harriers, the viewing ramp managed to produce a distant Short eared Owl, ringtail Hen Harrier, Common Buzzard, Bewicks Swans, a couple of Green Sandpipers and a flock of at least 60 Corn Bunting. A small group of Bramblings were seen on the way down, feeding in one of the ploughed cover crops, but despite being seen shortly before arrival, the Rough legged Buzzard refused to play.

Slavonian Grebe Still lingering on Burrowes

Green Woodpecker resting on the bank in front of Hanson Hide

Bearded Tit One of up to 20 birds giving excellent views from the viewing ramp at Hookers pits.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Part of the assembled crowd on the beach at Bolougne, a large one by French standards (even though more than half of the birders present were British) The previous day saw just three birders present!

A little too far off for decent pictures but still great views through the scope. After a relatively short wait, the bird was located on the cliffs to left of the steps, where it made its way further down towards Bolougne, before being lost and later relocated near the steps. After a 10 minute wait it reappeared in its favoured spot, where it had last been seen, and stayed within the same area of the cliff face, where it fed for at least another 10 minutes, before dissapearing round the corner and making its way towards the Fulmar colony. Several Mediterranean and a 2nd year Glaucous gull were on the beach along with Crested Tits and STTreecreepers seen in the woods nearby. Despite its persistant calling and close range the Black Woodpecker refused to show itself...

Glaucous Gull

The bird in action...

Monday, January 28, 2008

Spot the birdie

Somewhere, hidden amongst the passing Gannet and Kittiwake, is a Sooty Shearwater.... Hand held against the scope, hence the large dark ring creeping into the right hand corner of the picture

Friday, January 25, 2008

Slavonian Grebe

Finally.... something worth posting! This Slavonian Grebe (one of two on the reserve) has been giving great views on Burrowes pit throughout the week, often swimming close to the bank just below the visitor centre. Two Chiffchaff showed well in Lydd wood on the way to Scotney pit, where the Long tailed Duck flew into view and proceeded to feed close into the bank. As nice a bird as it may have been, the best sight of the day went to the group of 11 Smew (8 redhead and 3 drakes) swimming and diving together in front of Scott hide late afternoon.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Recent pictures

Shag: Still on Burrowes Pit following its first appearance at the begining of November after a spell of rough weather.

Red crested Pochard: One of two pairs on New Ecavations
White fronted Goose: Part of a group of 14 birds that spend a short while on Burrowes pit during the morning appeared with reinforcements later on in the day when 38 birds came in to roost. A Dungeness tick! (191)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Overdue update

Red necked grebe on the Long Pits

Since the death of my most recent camera I have taken very few pictures, only resorting to the origional Nickon on a handfull of occasions, hence the lack of any reacent updates. Whilst I wait to upload my most recent pictures, heres a few from the archives.... A Purple Sandpiper that I found on the outflow pipes at the end of Denge Marsh road (8th reserve record!)

A good start to the year at Dungeness with Novembers Shag still present daily on Burrowes pit and a Slavonian Grebe giving good views on New excavations, along with four Red crested Pochard and up to 21 Smew. January 16th saw 38 White fronted Geese drop in to roost on Burrowes pit (a group of 14 were present in the morning) a Dartford Warbler near the viewing ramp, and an adult Little Gull, a rare occurance during the winter, also on Burrowes. A 1st year Caspian Gull joined the gulls in the roost, and at sea thousands of Guillemot continue to pour westwards off of the point. Also off the reserve, the Red necked Grebe continues its stay on the long Pits.

A last visit to Norfolk proved very productive, with three patch ticks (Purple Sandpiper, Water pipit and Goosander) and the Cley White crowned Sparrow as well as Bittern, Lapland Buntings, Great Grey Shrike, Black Brant and extra Water Pipits at Cley. These take my Snettisham list to a total of 209 BOU, leaving Manx Shearwater as the most notable (and wanted) omission from the patch list!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dunge Gulls

Yellow-legged Gull (1st winter)

One at least 14 diffferent Caspian Gulls that I have seen on the reserve over the past couple of months. Unfortunately I have had to revert to using the old Nickon camera, hence why the images arent that great. Hopefully all will be put right over christmas...