Sunday, February 03, 2008


Part of the assembled crowd on the beach at Bolougne, a large one by French standards (even though more than half of the birders present were British) The previous day saw just three birders present!

A little too far off for decent pictures but still great views through the scope. After a relatively short wait, the bird was located on the cliffs to left of the steps, where it made its way further down towards Bolougne, before being lost and later relocated near the steps. After a 10 minute wait it reappeared in its favoured spot, where it had last been seen, and stayed within the same area of the cliff face, where it fed for at least another 10 minutes, before dissapearing round the corner and making its way towards the Fulmar colony. Several Mediterranean and a 2nd year Glaucous gull were on the beach along with Crested Tits and STTreecreepers seen in the woods nearby. Despite its persistant calling and close range the Black Woodpecker refused to show itself...

Glaucous Gull

The bird in action...


Blogger ray roche said...

Nice one. Having a Buzzard perched, and 6 Green Woodpeckers feedimg on the grass in the same field today was good, but I think you win !!! Ray Roche

9:53 AM  
Blogger Connor D. Rand said...

Oh don't admit that he's won, we'll never hear the end of it... ;) now just time to have another Norfolk biggie to settle the score.

Cracking bird btw... perhaps the south coast will finally come good soon ;)


2:26 PM  

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