Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sponsored Birdwatch

This was something that I always told myself i would do but something I had never actually got round to doing. Eventually i decided to do it this year and raise money for the for the NOA by walking from Beach Road at Snettisham through to the OBS at Holme. Taking part in a sponsored birdwatch is a great way to raise money and makes the perfect excuse for a fun days birding, why not give it a go yourself?!

An early Morning start to make the most of the day. Turtle Dove and Lesser whitethroat were quickly added in the Costal Park with Barn Owl hunting the fields, A high flying Fulmar was a pleasant surprise and Grasshoper Warbler was added near to the costal Park boundary. The weather was pretty decent with just a little bit of rain to begin with, but not enough to put me off! Luckily as the day went on it didnt warm up too much which would have made walking rather uncomfortable. A Little Egret was picked up dropping into one of the water filled channels but remained hidden out of view.

After seeing my First Grey Partridge of the day I was overlooking the small reedbed (home to the 96 Little Bittern) and scanning Ken Hill woods in the hope of Buzzard and other Raptors. Unfortunately they didnt want to play but the Barn owls were putting on a fantastic show quatering the nearby fields. Reaching Heacham South Beach I finally connected with Greenfinch and Dunnock?! At the end of the caravans and the start of the Bungalows a kestrel was my 70th speies for the day.

I had reached Hunstanton with little added to the Talley.. House Sparrow, Sanderling etc. From the Lighthouse at Hunstanton all the way through to the first Hide at Holme I had had at NO TICKS!!? Little Tern at the Lighhouse and Pochard from the hide! (77)

7 and a halfe hours later I had arrived at Holme and was taking a well earnt rest in the Obs. Thanks to a bit of advice from Jed I quickly picked up 2 VERY DISTANT Buzzard over the woods by the Church ''Have you had Buzzard yet?'' ''no'' '' if you spend a bit of time looking over that wood you might pick one up!'' 2 minutes later.... Origionally I was only going as far as Holme but when Jed described a footpath that would take me through to Titchwell I felt that I had to continue! Sandwich Tern and Gannet were picked up on the sea.

I had now left Holme behind with a total of about about 83. The walk to Titchwell was a pleasant one but one that didnt produce a lot of birds!

Arriving at Titchwell I failed to locate Spotted Flycatcher or Bullfinch around the Meadow trail but had a low flying Hobby for compensation, my first Great Tits of the day were on the feeders outside the Centre! Little Gulls and Gargany were on the Freshmarsh along with Pintail plus Great Crested Grebe on the sea. By now the list had mooved in the 90s...

A stop at Chosely brought Yellow Wagtail and Corn Buntings but no sight of the Little Owl. 96

A stop back at the Bungalow bought me Great Spotted Woodpecker and Long tailed Tit

We were in Sandringham with the current total at 98... Goldcrest was picked up calling and showing in the pines with quite a few Woodcock roding as it got Darker. The first Nightjar was calling at 9:25 though they took a while to come out. I managed to pick one up churring from a tree stump, but other than that, and a single brief fly past, that was all we were going to get. I finished the day on 101 species with my step counter showing just over 32,500 steps.

The days misses

Coal Tit
Little Owl
Spotted Flycatcher
but worst of all....


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your blog gives me such a sense of peace. I love birds too but don't know that much about them.

found a cool site you might like:

you can plug in bird characteristics, and see if it will identify the bird.


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