Monday, October 31, 2005

A Norfolk Autumn - September/October

September started in style when a Greenish Warbler was found at Thornham point. I was at Holme when the news broke and had no means of transport other than my feet..... Before long I was legging it towards Holme, along thornham bank and down towards the beach at Titchwell, something that I managed to do in under 1 and a half hours!! Speaking with Will Bowell who was on his way back from the beach he had only managed brief, or be it " s**t frustrating" views of the bird, I had plenty of time and decided to stick it out.... I managed to see the bird fairly quickly though I was in for a long wait before I saw it out for any lengh of time. A 6 hour wait at that.... When it finally gave itself up the views were amazing, the light was fantastic and the bird was stupidly close. I must have watched it like this for over an hour..... Magic.
September 25th was certainly a special day... 1st up was the Tawny Pipit at West runton this bird showed well on and off running through the weeds in the fields by the "pigsheds" and represented another life tick for the list. Our next port of call was to be Beeston Bump in Sheringham, a chance to see what was about this turned out to be a good choice.... Looking in the bushes at the bottom of the hill I was greeted by the sight of a Blackberry picker working away at the bushes, not ideal. There was, however, a single bird feeding on the elderberrys close to the path.... A quick look through the bins....COMMON ROSEFINCH!!! Lifer!!! Before too long people were arriving from the pipit and were enjoying great views of the bird, though it did have a habit of dissapearing into the hilltop gardens....
Away from Norfolk the Bairds Sandpiper obliged atKirkby on Bain GPs in Lincs and showed well on the small pit oposite the rubbish tip. After an anxious wait of 2 and a half hours the Little Crake gave amazing views from Zeiss hide at Slimbridge, one of my favourite birds of the year....


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