Monday, December 19, 2005

Divers and friends

Great northern Diver - Paxton Pits Cambs

As the year reaches it end I should think there is one main thing in the minds of most birders... WOW... An excellent year with several quality birds "unblocked." (For those of you unfamiliar to phrases used by the likes of twitchers, this means a bird that is suddenly "available" to large numbers of people. This could be because one has not turned up for many years or, when it has, it has been seen briefly or at an innacesable location, e.g offshore islands)

This GNDiver showed very well at paxton pits and is still present at the time of writing 19/12 as well as the diver we managed great views of the American Wigeon and Long tailed Duck and had a superb bonus in the form of a Black throated Diver joining the Great Northern at Paxton, which i spotted flying onto the pit.


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