Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The patch so far

Since August 2002 I have managed to record 193 species (BOU- Feral Pigeon) on the patch at Snettisham, with 6 patch ticks so far in 06...

Smew - January 1st on the pits at the RSPB, later recorded in the main channel in the Costal park... Bizzare

Hawfinch - Found early one morning in the tops of the pines at the back of the car park in the Costal Park. Why I didnt look at it straight away, despite my 1st thoughts being "My, that looks like it could be a Hawfinch", I will never know!

Red Kite - Found on the same day as the Hawfinch, double patch tick!

Mealy Redpoll - Caught and ringed with about 9 Lesser Redpoll

Common Crane - 8 birds that came to pay us a visit, after returning from a netround. Fantastic views as they circled and called overhead, before drifting out over the wash and out of sight

Digibinned Cranes

White Stork (Life tick!) - Seen 15 minutes after the Cranes!

Patch ticks, waiting to be ticked...

Great Skua
Arctic Tern
Long-tailed Duck
Yellow legged Gull
Lesser pecker
Barred Warbler
Richards Pipit

and maybe a rare wader or two....


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