Sunday, February 25, 2007


Great White Egret

Cirl Bunting

Though I may have only gained 1 life tick (Short-toed Treecreeper) my 1st ever trip abroad was still a great experience and one that I shall relive at the end of April when I head off to Holland with College (ignoring the fact that I will have all ready been abroad so it wont be my 1st trip...) The Great White Egret came as a surprise as I had not realised they were within the are and the 1st flock of cranes were dismissed (on call) as some sort of chicken, or farmyard poultry species (Like the Egret, I was not aware they were around) The 2nd flock numbered around 115 birds. Lesser Spotted Woodpecker was heard calling and drumming but refused to show itself and our only view of Coypu was one that swam across the back of the lake before disappearing into one of its tunnels. The last morning produced a cracking male Hawfinch within about half a mile of the house aswell as the expected Woodlark, Firecrest and Cirl Bunting plus a Black Redstart on one of the houses and excellent views of Short-toed Treecreeper. Ok, so most of these birds may be thought of as "dross" or "poor" but when you can see Cirl Buntings on the roof of the opposite house and sit outside eating tea listening to the songs of Woodlarks its difficult to complain... If people are wondering what you are up to and are talking to each other about it, you wont feel embarrassed or uncomfortable as you can't understand what they are saying.... unless you can speak French.


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