Wednesday, July 04, 2007


The main attraction... One of three Roseate Terns present on Arnold's Marsh Cley. This was only the third time I have seen Roseate Tern and the first that I have observed in Norfolk, away from breeding areas, this can be a very difficult bird to connect with.

Arctic Tern present alongside Common Tern on Arnold's Marsh (middle bird) - Note the visibly long tail streamers, short legs, dark red, shorter bill, and the overall colour tone lacking the contrast between the white breast and grey wings of Common Tern.

Winter plumaged Curlew Sandpiper Snettisham RSPB. Most of the birds we see are either moulting adults with remnants of bright red summer plumage (July/August) or fresh looking Juveniles (mostly in September). The longer down curved beak, longer legs, larger size and white rump (a key year-round feature only shared by 2 other, much rarer waders (White-rumped and Stilt Sandpipers) can still help you ID the species even when the plumage may be fairly bland.


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